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Ambersemi is developing a chip to drive microcontrollers dimmers directly from an AC source

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Solid-State Silicon Chips Digitalize AC Power Conversion

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“Ousting 1900s-era Tech? Solid-state Circuit Breakers Extract DC from AC without Magnetics”

A New Market Standard – Powered By AmberSemi

AmberSemi is creating a new standard in power management and sensing through disruptive and patented technologies that enable electricity to be digitally controlled by software in silicon chip architecture. Amber eliminates today’s standard bulky and unreliable 1950s-era electromechanical structures (electrolytics, transformers, relays & more) replacing them with a smaller, more reliable, and modern silicon chip architecture.

AmberSemi’s breakthroughs transform the electrical industry by enabling the upgrade of today’s standard, old-tech based building electrical infrastructure to state-of-the-art silicon chip systems with embedded intelligence. Through this upgrade, Amber delivers an even broader change to the fundamental value for all electrical products and powered appliances, by enabling much safer electrical operation, more robust feature-sets, and integrated intelligence.

AmberSemi Whitepaper

AmberSemi’s breakthrough: Digital control of electricity in modern solid-state architecture.

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Powering a 2nd Electrical Revolution



Through AmberSemi’s breakthrough technologies in silicon chips, semiconductor and electrical product companies have the opportunity to upgrade, every electrical end-point, in every building on earth, to state-of-the-art silicon architecture. It is the fulfillment of the vision for smart buildings and smart city intelligence, literally from within the backbone of the sorely under-leveraged building electrical grid.

AmberSemi’s three core breakthroughs are transformational for both the semiconductor industry and Electrical products sectors due to the superior intelligence now possible, and the enhanced value delivered, for electrical products.


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AmberSemi will productize its breakthroughs into silicon chips and is aligning with some of the most influential semiconductor and electrical product companies to transform electrical product architecture and building infrastructure as we know it today.
Spanning the breadth of residential, commercial, and industrial solutions, AmberSemi’s breakthroughs power the modernization of electrical architecture to realize uniquely intelligent, multi-functional whole building smart systems. Such breakthrough systems transform the electrical grid of buildings into sensor and feature-rich eco-systems for energy and environmental awareness, control and automation.


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