UL Certification of Amber AC/DC Enabler™ Model AMPE2W5 follows granted patent of a sister technology for Digital Control of AC Mains Electricity; Together these technologies are the synergistic backbone for Amber’s solid-state, IoT optimized upgrade to building electrical worldwide.

(Dublin, California – December 16, 2019) Amber Solutions, Inc. (Amber) — a company with disruptive technologies that upgrades today’s 1950’s era electrical infrastructure — today announced their Amber AC/DC Enabler™ Model AMPE2W5, a solid-state AC Direct power solution, received UL Recognized Component Certification for UL 1012.

The Amber AC/DC Enabler™ has a wide range of applications and, with its solid-state architecture, is designed for internal use, low power solutions, with a specific focus on optimizing Internet of Things (IoT) functions in wired smart products. The Amber AC/DC Enabler™ is a fraction of the size of the traditional industry standard power conversion modules. Such size reduction opens headroom in electrically wired-in products for the addition of a substantially greater number of IoT features and sensors within traditional, standard product footprints.

In addition, the Company recently announced that it secured a patent for the Amber AC/DC Enabler’s sister technology – the Amber AC Switch™, which enables digital control of AC mains electricity.

“The UL certification of Amber’s AC/DC Enabler™ is a significant milestone for the Company and comes on the heels of securing a granted patent on another core technology – our AC Switch,” said Thar Casey, CEO of Amber Solutions. “Together, these two milestones are a powerful confirmation of viability for Amber’s breakthrough technologies and market opportunity.” He continued, “And, when you add to this traction the fact that we are working with several major industry players on technical evaluation and productiztion strategies, we see clear – and accelerating – industry validation for Amber.”

These two technologies, the UL Listed Amber AC/DC Enabler™ and the patented Amber AC Switch™, each have a clear path to siliconization. Moreover, these technologies are the foundational backbone for Amber’s solid-state transformation and upgrade of every electrical endpoint in buildings worldwide. More than simply safer, more reliable solid-state electrical infrastructure, Amber powers integrated IoT intelligence throughout the whole building electrical system.

Amber’s electrical infrastructure upgrade, includes solid-state smart circuit breakers, smart outlets, smart dimmer switches, and a range of electrically wired-in products in buildings like smoke and CO detectors, security & automation panels, even appliances and more. All of these products will leverage Amber’s patent portfolio of owned and exclusively licensed intellectual properties.

“Through its disruptive technologies, Amber’s vision is to upgrade every electrical end-point in buildings worldwide to solid-state, electrical infrastructure with integrated IoT intelligence – a true second electrical revolution,” concluded Mr. Casey.

Amber will be showcasing its latest products based on the UL Certified and patented technologies at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and the International Builder Show (IBS) in private suites this January 2020. For more information or to setup meetings with Amber, email partnerships@ambersi.com.


About Amber Solutions, Inc.

Dublin, California based Amber Solutions, Inc. (Amber), is bringing solid-state, next generation upgrades to today’s standard, old-technology based electrical infrastructure and to legacy smart products for residential and commercial buildings worldwide. This Silicon Valley based technology company sets the bar high with its patented and patent pending portfolio of owned and exclusively licensed technologies, enabling enhanced energy and IoT integration solutions. Amber smart products, including outlets, light switches, circuit breakers, GFCIs, LED lights, and LED drivers, deliver superior safety, solid-state quality and a much more expansive smart feature scope — all uniquely within a home or building’s standard existing electrical footprints, such as the single gang box. Taken as a whole suite of innovative solutions, Amber’s portfolio represents a major upgrade to legacy 1950’s era electrification to solid-state architecture with integrated IoT and M2M intelligence. Amber is also building out a portfolio of product lines all based upon its breakthrough technologies.