Disruptive solid-state power switch solution with embedded intelligence will enable optimization of a building’s power sources to deliver cheaper, cleaner, more reliable electricity.

DUBLIN, CALIFORNIA, March 9, 2021 – Amber Solutions, the Silicon Valley company making digital control of electricity in solid-state architecture a commercial reality, today announced the latest innovative design to leverage its technology: a solid-state based Energy Traffic Controller™ with embedded intelligence that enables on-the-fly switching of building electricity sources. The new capability relies on the company’s breakthrough digital control of electricity to provide state-of-the-art electricity management.


“Amber’s solid-state upgrade to 1950’s-era building electrical is much more than a modernization of outlets and light switches,” said Amber Founder, CEO Thar Casey. “It is the fundamental integration of state-of-the-art intelligence throughout a building’s electrical grid and endpoints. Our new Energy Traffic Controller application is a leading example of the technology’s disruptive nature, enabling the ability to intelligently and, automatically, alternate sources of power to reduce costs, maximize efficiency and guarantee steady power.”

The small footprint device would be installed next to the circuit breaker box to enable understanding of a building’s energy demand and available electricity sources, thereby supporting autonomous source optimization. It would empower data crunching for dynamic decision making, using metrics such as the price and stability of grid energy during peak hours, the availability of solar power and the current charge level on any connected battery backups. Crucially, the Energy Traffic Controller would also work in concert with a range of planned Amber-powered solid-state building electrical solutions, especially Amber’s retrofittable smart solid-state circuit breaker.

Amber’s Energy Traffic Controller design enables bi-directional current regulation and adaptive line synchronization to manage multiple simultaneous input sources. An internal energy discriminator uses real-time data to determine the best current source of power based on data available from each source, such as current grid energy cost and current usage demand.

On its own, Amber’s Energy Traffic Controller would be a valuable addition providing upgraded capabilities to any building. When combined with the full range of Amber’s planned solid-state electrical devices, whole-building intelligence enables buildings to be automated, tracked and optimized directly from the building electrical grid. Such an Amber-powered portfolio would include products like solid-state circuit breakers, light switches, outlets and LED lighting solutions – essentially every electrical endpoint in buildings. By leveraging the intelligence of Amber-powered electrical end points, enabling use of more and more IoT sensors and functions, an Amber-powered building will gain significantly more intelligence and capabilities, generate more energy and environmental data insights and enable even better autonomous and human-driven decision making and control.

“Amber’s mission is to disrupt building intelligence as profoundly as smartphones disrupted the use of flip cell phones by upgrading such single-use tools to offer a transformative array of advanced functions,” Casey added. “Similar to how autonomous vehicles will communicate in real-time to make proactive decisions that can avoid collisions, increase safety, decrease jams or improve fuel efficiency, the Energy Traffic Controller enables buildings to more intelligently source and allocate power to eliminate waste and maximize utilization.”

Amber is working with strategic manufacturers of building electrical products and silicon chip makers to productize its technology breakthroughs into hyper-intelligent products like the Energy Traffic controller and other building electrical products that these companies sell or support.

About Amber Solutions:

Amber Solutions is a leading developer of patented, innovative solid-state technologies for the digital control of electricity. The company’s disruptive breakthroughs change the electrical landscape forever for buildings and appliances world-wide. These technologies upgrade power management from 1950’s era electro-mechanical to safer, more reliable solid-state architecture with embedded intelligence. Based in Dublin, California, the company is leveraging the expertise of Silicon Valley professionals to deliver a disruptive enhancement to the value and functionality of the world’s electrical endpoints and infrastructure. For more information visit www.ambersi.com. For more information visit www.ambersi.com.


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