Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group award underscores game changing nature of Amber’s breakthroughs, placing Company alongside past award winners Lam Research, Lawrence Livermore Labs and GE Digital.

Dublin, Ca – March 13, 2019–Amber Solutions, Inc (Amber)—a disruptive technology company with solid-state breakthroughs for enhanced reliability and internet of things (IoT) integration into building automation, control, lighting, safety and security systems—will be presented this evening with the Innovation Tri-County Leadership Group’s 2019 #GameChangers award. The award recognizes Amber’s disruptive, breakthrough solid-state technology that enables enhanced safety and reliability with more pervasive IoT intelligence in a building’s electrical infrastructure, including smarter outlets, switches and circuit breakers.

“We are honored to be recognized by Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group with this prestigious award,” said Amber CEO Thar Casey. “We appreciate this important acknowledgement of our work—while we have received validation from some of the world’s largest electrical product manufacturers behind closed doors, this public recognition of Amber’s game-changing, breakthrough technology means a lot, and reinforces the importance of our work in making homes and buildings smarter and safer for everyone.”

He continued, “This award is our first industry endorsement on our road to becoming the new solid-state standard for electrical products and the first material upgrade to critical aspects of building electrical infrastructure since the 1950’s.”

“We chose Amber as a 2019 #GameChangers Award winner because we believe they embody the opportunity to disrupt the home and building industry for the better via IoT,” said Lynn Naylor, CEO of Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group. “We look forward to continuing to celebrate Amber’s success in the coming months and years.”

Today’s AC/DC powered products are enabled by 70+ year old electrification technology as the world’s standard. For example, todays smart products include advanced chipsets that sit side by side with this old-style electro mechanical architecture, leading to issues such as mechanical failure, safety issue and more.

Amber’s technology disrupts the 1950’s era electrification landscape by enabling transformation from the old electro-mechanical standards to modern solid-state architecture, adding more safety and reliability, plus creating opportunity for much more IoT integration and intelligence than currently available products. Amber’s unique and ubiquitous sensor, connectivity and control foundation, complements—and extends the value of—every IoT system (smart home, access control, fire control, HVAC, lighting, etc.), as well as standalone smart products, to leverage this more robust IoT foundation. Amber’s IoT infrastructure is a NEW “5th Utility™” for truly smarter, safer, more energy efficient homes and buildings.

About Amber Solutions, Inc.

Dublin California based Amber Solutions, Inc. (Amber), is bringing next generation upgrades to old electrification infrastructure and to legacy smart products for residential and commercial buildings. This Silicon Valley-based technology company sets the bar high with its breakthrough technologies in solid-state implementations, enabling enhanced IoT integration solutions. Amber smart products, like outlets, light switches, LED bulbs, GFCIs and circuit breakers, deliver superior safety, solid-state quality and a much more expansive smart feature scope—all, uniquely, within a home or building’s standard existing electrical footprints, like the single gang box. And, taken as a whole, Amber’s portfolio represents a major upgrade to legacy 1950’s era electrification to solid state architecture with integrated IoT and M2M. Amber is building out a portfolio of product lines on top of its breakthrough technologies.