AmberSemi’s exhibition will include multiple hands-on demos of its technology, as well a show-wide seminar presentation by CEO Thar Casey on the benefits of AC to DC Power Conversion in silicon

amber semi apec 2024

DUBLIN, CALIFORNIA (February 23, 2024) – Amber Semiconductor, Inc. (AmberSemi™), a fabless semiconductor company and leading technology developer of patented, innovative technologies for AC Direct digital management of electricity in silicon chip architecture, is announcing its participation and plans for APEC 2024, the leading conference for power electronics professionals. At APEC 2024, AmberSemi will publicly showcase its AC Direct DC Enabler power management device for the first time ever. The AC Direct DC Enabler is AmberSemi’s first commercial silicon chip and is currently in customer evaluation for integration into their end products as early as Q4 2024. Those interested in experiencing the technology first-hand can visit AmberSemi at APEC Booth #639 at the Long Beach Convention Center from February 26-28th, 2024.

amber semi apec 2024

AmberSemi’s novel discoveries in semiconductor-based management of electricity include a portfolio of technologies with applications across industries on a global scale. To showcase the viability and broad-ranging impact of its AC Direct DC Enabler power conversion technology in silicon, the AmberSemi team will present three semiconductor demonstrations at its APEC booth. AmberSemi will specifically showcase different power levels for resistive and inductive loads, including 4-Watt, 2-Watt, and 1-Watt demos, all with various power densities. The company will also demonstrate two demos of its second technology, the AC Direct Switch controller platform, in the form of solid-state smart outlets, dimmer switches, and circuit breaker prototypes – all powered by AmberSemi. These demonstrations will serve as additional public validation for the technology, which has already been tested and validated at nearly 30 key electrical products and semiconductor company sites across Europe, the US, and Asia.

“We’re incredibly excited to display our AC Direct DC Enabler in silicon for the very first time to the broader industry, as it marks the most tangible step yet in our path to commercialization,” said Thar Casey, CEO of AmberSemi. “In the last year alone, we’ve advanced rapidly from the tapeout phase of siliconization to the design-in testing stage of our technology with Alpha customers, including multiple industry-leading partners in the semiconductor industry. As early as the end of this year, we anticipate that AmberSemi’s technology will formally be introduced to the marketplace through collaborative reference designs and integrations with these partners. In addition, end products, powered by AmberSemi, are expected to be in the market from our product partners starting in 2025. With all of that now in motion, we believe the sky’s the limit for our technology.”

AmberSemi’s AC Direct DC Enabler extracts DC directly from AC Mains without the use of rectifier bridges, transformers, and high-voltage, bulk capacitors and addresses the needs of a wide range of global markets in a new, highly integrated architecture. The product enables the smallest form factor for DC power delivery technology by requiring only half the external components used in today’s standard, comparable systems, creating opportunities to expand product features, significantly reduce product form factor, increase MTBF, and improve efficiency. This paves the way for highly integrated and intelligent IoT/IIoT/AIoT applications for the smart home, smart building, appliances, industrial automation, smart city, and other markets.

In addition to showcasing its breakthrough technologies at Booth #639, AmberSemi’s CEO, Thar Casey, will lead an education seminar titled “Bringing AC to DC Power Conversion to the 21st Century: Siliconizing Power to Eliminate the Challenges in AC to DC Power Conversion,” during the conference. The presentation will take place on Tuesday, February 27, 2024, 2:15 PM – 2:45 PM PST at Exhibitor Presentation Theater 3 in the Long Beach Convention Center. Those interested in attending can register at

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Amber Semiconductor, Inc is a leading developer of patented, innovative solid-state power management technologies for the digital control of electricity. The company’s disruptive breakthroughs change the electrical landscape forever for industrial, commercial and residential building products, powered appliances, and semiconductor solutions worldwide. With 38 patents secured around the company’s core breakthroughs, its technologies upgrade power management from 1950’s era electro-mechanical standards to safer, more reliable silicon architecture with embedded intelligence. Based in Dublin, California, the company is a voting member of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, and the Global Semiconductor Alliance (The GSA). The company was honored with numerous industry awards, such as Time Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2021, Fast Companies’ Next Big Thing in Tech 2022 and the coveted Edison Gold Award for Innovation in 2023, The GSA’s top four global Startups to Watch 2023, among many others. For more information visit

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