AmberSemi breakthroughs power the modernization of electrical architecture in products for uniquely intelligent, multi-functional smart capabilities in every electrical endpoint in structures. Such breakthrough architecture, transforms the electrical grid of buildings into sensor and feature-rich eco-systems for energy and environmental awareness, control, protection and automation.

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“AmberSemi’s breakthroughs in silicon chips power the full vision for smart building intelligence, directly from within the backbone of the sorely under-leveraged building electrical grid.”

The AmberSemi Powered – 2nd Electrical Revolution

AmberSemi breakthrough dynamic power management in silicon chips powers the vision for smart buildings and smart cities intelligence, literally from within the backbone of the sorely under-leveraged building electrical grid.The AmberSemi Powered – 2nd Electrical Revolution

Residential Product Solutions

Residential Product Solutions

From smart circuit breakers to universally compatible dimmer switches and more, AmberSemi-powered products will cover the range of electrical products and appliances in residential homes and apartments. Many of these products can even complement and extend the modern smart home systems, transforming the intelligence of residential homes in ways not possible or at least not realistically installed today.

Circuit Breakers

GFCI Receptacles

Ground Fault Equipment Protection

Surge Protection

Lighting Controls

LED Bulbs and Drivers

Smart Thermostats

Smart Smoke/Gas Detectors

Spanning the breadth of residential, commercial and industrial solutions

Smart Outlets

Smart Lighting cans

Motor controls, protection and starters

Supplementary protectors

EV Charging

Energy Controllers

Smart Appliances


Commercial Product Solutions

Commercial Product Solutions

Commercial buildings will also see tremendous advantages from the same AmberSemi-powered product breadth as residential homes. Such AmberSemi-powered products, like smarter connected circuit breakers, actually serve even more mission-critical needs in commercial environments. And these buildings have significant security and life safety systems, specifically, access control, fire control, and building automation systems. These buildings will also see significant advantages in security and life safety systems, specifically access control, fire control and building automation. When the entire building’s electrical grid is populated with smart outlets and switches in every wall, it is like having little minicomputers monitoring everything in every corner of the building.

Industrial Product Solutions

Industrial Product Solutions

Industrial factories and machinery can even benefit from AmberSemi’s digitized, intelligent power management breakthroughs in silicon chips. As example, factory downtime is a major issue to be avoided. AmberSemi’s arc-free switching means no degradation of performance over time and with embedded intelligence it provides awareness over the downstream load allowing for predictive maintenance. This unique electrical grid awareness enables the identification of the exact location / cause of a real trips, cutting factory downtime from trips.


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