Software defined electrical sensing and control in silicon chip architecture.

Through AmberSemi’s breakthrough technologies in silicon chips, semiconductor and electrical product companies have the opportunity to upgrade, every electrical endpoint, in every building on earth, to state-of-the-art silicon architecture. It is the fulfillment of the vision for smart buildings and smart city intelligence, literally from within the backbone of the sorely under-leveraged building electrical grid.

Amber discovered a novel way to manage and control electricity, digitally in solid-state, eliminating 1950’s era technologies, which are standard today for AC/DC conversion and AC control in electrical products.

AmberSemi’s solid-state breakthroughs enable a fundamental design revolution, changing the world of the possible for electrical engineers and as a result permanently transforming the value electrical products can deliver across the world.

AmberSemi eliminates the need for electrolytics, transformers, relays, & more…

amber chip

…replacing them with a dramatically
smaller silicon chip

"Disrupting Electricity? This Startup Is Digitizing Our Very Analog Electrical System" – John Koetsier, Forbes

Three Core Technology Breakthroughs

Amber’s three core breakthroughs are transformational for both the semiconductor industry and Electrical products sectors due to the superior intelligence now possible, and the enhanced value delivered, for electrical products.

A true second electrical revolution of digitized electricity with solid-state intelligence embedded in the electrical grid and products of every building on earth.

1. AC Direct Power: AC Direct DC Enabler

DC extraction from AC Mains without the use of transformers, rectifiers, or filtering

Amber’s AC Direct DC Enabler is a miniature silicon offline AC/DC power converter with a unique topology that is neither a linear nor a switch mode power supply. It is a new, novel methodology for power conversion directly from the AC Mains, which eliminates rectifiers, rectifier bridges, transformers and bulky electrolytics. This technology solves the biggest limiter for sensor integration into space constrained environments.

  • Disruptive innovation – Novel methodology to extract DC power directly from AC Mains
  • Dramatically smaller – Dramatically smaller size of AmberSemi’s silicon chip opens space room for more features or slimmer product form factors
  • Dynamic, intelligent power delivery – delivers a much more dynamic, configurable power delivery capability
  • Lowest component count – 2x less components for the power delivered versus standard power supplies
  • Most size effective –  industry’s highest power density at 5 Watts per 1/3 cubic inch
  • Flexible implementations – can operate as the primary power supply or as a housekeeping power supply to support other specific technologies

2. AC Direct Sensing

Continuous sensing of the AC Mains for ongoing, real-time awareness of normal & abnormal electricity state.

Amber’s AC Direct Sensing is a breakthrough technology for gathering real time data on the state of AC power. Utilizing its dynamic range of sensing it samples thousands of times per second for true and continuous awareness of the AC Mains. It is a standalone silicon technology that supports a range of solutions like motor controls, surge protection, GFCI outlets, arc-fault circuit breakers, and more.

In the example of ground fault sensing, Amber utilizes digital current monitoring and leakage current detection to more accurately recognize a real ground fault and drastically reduce nuisance tripping. This combined with self-diagnosis and stored device history can help the industry enhance safety, improve quality of performance and even allows for OTA firmware updates to keep the sensing algorithms current with the latest technologies and devices.



Ground Fault






Ground Fault




  • Digital sensing and detection – Sampling of the electrical sine wave thousands of times per second enables digitized data to be available in real-time
  • Full awareness of the state of electricity at any time  – Enables a clearer understanding of normal electricity state and the extremely rapid identification of abnormal states for continuous and instantaneous decision making.
  • Smarter, digitized assessments of electricity – Intelligent algorithms take digital information and make immediate assessment through embedded predicative artificial intelligence (AI), in near real time, for much smarter information and action on pivotal events.

3. AC Direct Control & Protection The Indestructible AC Switch Controller

AC switching that is unbreakable in solid-state & operates thousands of times faster than today’s standards

Amber’s Indestructible AC Switch Controller applies its unique architecture of driver control over conventional bi-directional MOSFETs while utilizing its AC Direct DC Enabler™ to provide power with independence to the reference (common source to gate). The presence of the AC Direct DC Enabler™ in the common source environment, and its power capabilities, allow for any type of microcontroller device to control the AC Switch™.

The AC Switch is naturally power scalable and input voltage independent and the proprietary gate driver technology makes it fully protected from inductive, short circuit, capacitive over-current, surge, and over-temperature conditions. Amber’s AC Switch™ in silicon chip architecture, makes it conducive to a vast array of AC mains product applications such as circuit breakers, motor controllers, lighting, surge, receptacles, solid-state relays, etc. When combined with AC Direct Sensing it represents a complete system solution with intelligent decision-making and protection.

  • Switching in a silicon chip architecture that is thousands of times faster than traditional standard means
  • Significantly safer – arc-free electricity control
  • Smarter, hyper intelligent operation reduces / eliminates nuisance switching (trips)
  • Indestructible in the hostile AC Mains environment, including self and downstream transient event protection
  • Embedded, dynamic power delivery, by leveraging  Ambers AC Direct DC Enabler, for further form factor advantages
  • Offers significantly better reliability than electro-mechanical architecture
  • Can be combined with AC Direct Sensing for hostile or safety product applications for better protection


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