Infineon and Amber collaborate on solid-state electricity control in silicon

Infineon referred to the Amber technology as a breakthrough, one that could overhaul the massive global electricity infrastructure by enabling replacement of mechanical-based electronic components seen in traditional everyday light switches and other devices with digital, solid-state controls. Amber technology provides digital control of electricity with a fully silicon-based design for greater reliability and control. Bulky magnetic and mechanical components can be replaced with smaller solid-state devices to free up space and lower cost, the two companies said.

Amber, Infineon Team for Digital Control of Electricity

“The goal is to exploit solid-state technology and move beyond electromechanical systems–the bulky electrolytic capacitors, magnetics, transformers and other passive elements standard today,” Casey said. “Our alliance aims to offer a transformation of every electrical endpoint in all residential and commercial buildings to a modern silicon architecture with embedded intelligence.”

The Revolution of Electrical Infrastructure is Starting

The combined intelligence to manage energy dynamically with the digital solid-state structure provides new opportunities to eliminate nuisance AFCI and GFCI trips, support flicker-less LED lights, and provide embedded surge protection in every electrical endpoint powered by Amber’s technologies.

New Digital Power Control System Could Transform Your Home

While the concept of a digital home is nothing new, what is new about this system is that it can installed within an existing structure with minimal effort and doesn’t require that it be incorporated at the design or construction phase. This applies equally to homes and businesses…We are intrigued.


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