Multi-track partnership to target a range of markets with a breadth of semiconductor application solutions.


DUBLIN, Calif. USA, (November 8, 2023) — Amber Semiconductor, Inc. (AmberSemi™), a fabless semiconductor company and leading technology developer of patented, innovative technologies for AC Direct™ conversion, processing, and control of electricity, today announced that it was chosen by the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) as one of the top four “Start-Ups to Watch” globally and a finalist in the Alliance’s prestigious Annual Awards. The GSA’s Private Awards Committee nominates a shortlist of the four most exciting semiconductor startups, who have demonstrated excellence through their success, vision, strategy, and future opportunities in the industry.ambersemi

GSA’s Private Awards Committee, comprised of venture capitalists and select serial entrepreneurs in the industry, selects up to four nominees for the Start-Up to Watch award by identifying the semiconductor company (or companies) that demonstrates the potential to positively change its market or the semiconductor industry, in general, through the innovative use of semiconductor technology or a new application for semiconductor technology.

“The GSA congratulates AmberSemi™ for its nomination as a finalist for the 2023 ‘Start-Up to Watch’ award,” said Jodi Shelton, GSA CEO and co-founder. “We are pleased to have discovered this disruptive startup in our awards process, and also welcome their inclusion as one of our newest GSA members. We look forward to watching their contributions to this emerging new semiconductor power architecture sector for electrification,” she concluded.

“We are so honored to be chosen by the GSA and its esteemed Awards Committee for this recognition,” said Thar Casey, CEO of AmberSemi™. “As a semiconductor company, such peer validation is important, as we begin the design-in phase with our electrical products customers and our semiconductor partners with our first silicon products.”

“History points to clear and rapid adoption of solid-state architectures once they launch, as was the case with solid-state flatscreen TVs and solid-state hard drives,” Mr. Casey stated. “We see pent-up interest and demand for solid-state electrification solutions in the industry, which needs an innovative platform upon which they can build their next generation of products. AmberSemi’s power technologies fill this foundational gap that can accelerate the industry to realize the innovations and value enhancements solid-state architecture brought to so many other sectors,” he concluded.

AmberSemi’s technology breakthroughs in solid-state represent a once-in-a-generation electrical architecture upgrade opportunity globally. The company’s mission is to spark an innovation revolution, transitioning from today’s stagnant, old-tech based incumbent electrical products to next generation products built around modern silicon chip architectures for power management. The current and forthcoming commercialization of AmberSemi’s technologies will enable industrial, commercial, and residential buildings to be safer, smarter and more energy efficient. It will also allow electrically powered products to expand their functionality, maximize their operational capabilities and create economic advantages. Examples of applicable categories include industrial motor controls for factories, circuit protections for data centers, commercial and residential solid-state circuit breakers, universally compatible light switches, hyper-intelligent outlets, appliances and even fire & safety protection products.

In other recent news, AmberSemi announced a strategic partnership with Nordic Semiconductor to offer Nordic technology platforms powered by AmberSemi’s semiconductor products, as well as developing unique reference designs for targeted customer segments. In addition, as the partnership matures, deeper development opportunities may be targeted as key customer requirements and opportunities are identified, refined, and addressed.

The company also recently announced that it has entered the design-in phase with select Alpha customers on its first silicon chip for its AC Direct DC Enabler™ technology – a new power architecture that extracts DC directly from AC Mains without the use of rectifier bridges, transformers and high voltage, bulk capacitors. In support of this commercialization milestone, the company made available a Technology Solution Whitepaper and evaluation video with testing documentation for new customers to understand the advantages this power architecture affords in replacing today’s old-tech based power supplies with AmberSemi’s smaller, more reliable and configurable semiconductor-based systems. The AC Direct DC Enabler White Paper can be downloaded here:

About Amber Semiconductor, Inc.

Amber Semiconductor, Inc is a leading developer of patented, innovative solid-state power management technologies for the digital control of electricity. The company’s disruptive breakthroughs change the electrical landscape forever for industrial, commercial and residential building products, powered appliances, and semiconductor solutions worldwide. With 38 patents secured around the company’s core breakthroughs, its technologies upgrade power management from 1950’s era electro-mechanical standards to safer, more reliable silicon architecture with embedded intelligence. Based in Dublin, California, the company is a voting member of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, the Global Semiconductor Alliance, and has been recognized with numerous industry awards, such as Time Magazines Best Inventions of 2021, Fast companies’ Next Big Thing in Tech 2022 and the coveted Edison Gold Award for Innovation in 2023, among many others. . For more information visit

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