AmberSemi Inductive Load Suppression Demo

Successful suppression of 450  – consecutive – inductive load surges over 15 minutes to just 260V each.

The video shows a traditional electro-mechanical switch in circuit breakers creating  dangerous arcs and high-voltage inductive load surges of thousands of volts, then demonstrates how Amber’s solid-state solution digitally suppresses every surge event.

AmberSemi AC Direct DC Enabler™ Demo Video

This video demonstrates AmberSemi’s AC Direct DC Enabler – a foundational technology breakthrough that extracts DC directly from AC Mains without the use of rectifier bridges, transformers, or filtering. The demonstration uses a discrete implementation of the technology to demonstrate a range of loads switched on the fly, from low up to 5W, all while maintaining high efficiency, consistent regulation, and other highly competitive performance metrics.

AmberSemi Powered Product Prototype Demo Videos

As a fabless semiconductor company AmberSemi is developing disruptive silicon chips that upgrades today’s old-tech based electrical product architecture, and in the process transforms the feature scope now  possible in end products. 

To showcase to our product and semiconductor partners the transformational impact our patented technologies enable; we built prototype end products – smart outlets, switches and circuit breakers), powered by AmberSemi technologies, that demonstrate the dramatic expansion in feature capabilities (10x) now possible in standard formfactors like single gang box and retrofit  circuit breaker slots.

Additional Press Interview Videos


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