The Market Problem

Today’s electrification landscape in buildings is one of the last old-tech based infrastructures that is ripe for modernization and global transformation.

The electrical industry trails considerably behind the innovation pace of other equally major sectors, like computing, telecommunications, and now even vehicles. Today’s building electrical infrastructure and related products have seen little true innovation in over 50 years.

While safety risks from both fire and electrocution continue to be of paramount concern, there are also many systemic issues that hurt consumer satisfaction and/or cost contractors and builders time and money.

AmberSemi Market Trend and Opportunity White Paper

AmberSemi’s breakthrough: Digital control of electricity in modern solid-state architecture.

The Solution:
The AmberSemi Breakthrough

The siliconization of power management – a true second electrical revolution

AmberSemi discovered a novel way to manage and control electricity, digitally in solid-state, eliminating 1950s era technologies, which are standard today for AC/DC conversion and AC control in electrical products.

AmberSemi’s three core breakthroughs are transformational for both the semiconductor industry and electrical products sectors, due to the superior intelligence of the architecture, the expansion of functions now possible, and the enhanced value then delivered.

A true second electrical revolution of digitized electricity with solid-state intelligence in the electrical grid and products of every building on earth.

  • Flickering of LED bulbs when dimming is a major quality issue both at the dimmer switch, as well as the bulb level.
  • Nuisance circuit breaker AFCI trips results in poor consumer
    satisfaction and trade service costs.
  • Outlet GFCI false trips from poor quality and general wear,
    create trade service expense and consumer headaches.
  • Power surge and overcurrent are fire and damage risks at the
    outlet, circuit breaker and with plugged-in devices.
  • SKU proliferation, a major challenge for global distributors, requires Geo-specific SKUs due to power supply inflexibility.
  • Size constraints of current power solutions limit functions for connected and non-connected products.
  • Today’s electro-mechanical circuit breakers, when tripped,
    provide no notice and create a very dangerous arc.
  • Phantom power” is a significant waste of energy from idle or
    “sleeping” electrical products and appliances.

AmberSemi’s digital control of electricity in solid-state architecture uniquely solves these problems, and many other industry issues. Equally important, AmberSemi enhances value to manufacturers’ products in ways not currently possible. These factors, together, highlight Amber’s disruption and transformation of the electrical industry from under-leveraged, old infrastructure into hyper-intelligent, strategic architecture and electrical products that delivers a TRULY smarter building.

The AmberSemi Edge: Key Advantages

The 10x Advantage – More reliable silicon chip architecture, major size reduction & embedded Intelligence

AmberSemi’s breakthroughs in a smaller silicon chip enables space in products for robust feature expansion in standard electrical footprints, like the single gang box & the circuit breaker panel. This unique mix of additional features includes programmability, whole building energy awareness, energy management (savings), wireless control functions, non-sacrificial transient event protection (e.g., surge) and more.

AmberSemi-powered products also, together, form a unique & disruptive power management & connectivity eco-system. This pervasive foundation of intelligence and connectivity – embedded directly in the building’s electrical grid – is an ideal foundation for every smart building system to connect into & leverage.

"To transform our hard-wired electrical worlds and make them, in a sense, soft wired. And the addressable market is literally tens of billions of devices."– John Koetsier, Forbes

The Implications and Opportunities

The upgrade of every electrical endpoint in buildings globally

AmberSemi changes the native intelligence and functional potential – and therefore the fundamental value – for all electrical products. By delivering much safer electrical operation, a smaller size footprint for more robust feature-sets, and integrated modern intelligence, AmberSemi solves many of today’s troublesome, and costly, electrical problems.

This modernization of electrical products is transforming the electrical industry by putting a solid-state computer (an SOC-system on a chip) in every electrical endpoint in buildings. It is a global transformational upgrade to building electrical from an old reactive energy delivery system to an active, predictive, and connected infrastructure. A uniquely intelligent, multi-functional whole building smart system, that transforms the energy grid of buildings, into a unique sensor and feature-rich eco-system for energy, environmental awareness, control, and automation.

AmberSemi brings to semiconductor and electrical product companies the opportunity to upgrade, every electrical endpoint, in every building on earth, to state-of-the-art silicon architecture. It is the fulfillment of the vision for smart buildings and smart city intelligence, from within the backbone of the sorely under-leveraged building electrical grid.

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