Recognition from Fast Company Cements AmberSemi’s Position as a Fast-Rising Leading Innovator in the Semiconductor Market

DUBLIN, CALIFORNIA (November 17, 2022) – Amber Semiconductor, Inc. (AmberSemi™), a leading technology developer of patented, innovative technologies for AC Direct digital management of electricity in silicon chip architecture, today announced that it has officially been selected to Fast Company’s second annual “Next Big Things in Tech” list, where it was named an Honorable Mention in the Computing, Chips, and Foundational Technology category. The Next Big Thing in Tech Awards honor technology breakthroughs that promise to shape the future of industries —

From agriculture and environment to productivity and artificial intelligence.
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AmberSemi’s core mission is to transform the electrical product power management architecture from outdated, 1950’s-era technologies to smaller, safer, and smarter silicon chips – representing a second electrical revolution of silicon-based, arc-free electricity management and sensing. AmberSemi’s breakthroughs are rooted in three primary, patented discoveries for superior, intelligent control of electricity: digitization of electricity for power delivery (AC Direct DC Enabler™), power control and protection (Indestructible AC Switch™) and real-time, continuous sensing of the state or variance of electricity (AC Direct Sensing™). Inclusion on Fast Company’s “Next Big Thing in Tech” list validates the incredible transformational potential that AmberSemi’s breakthroughs in solid-state power management will have on both the semiconductor industry and electrical products sectors.

“Fast Company’s decision to recognize the massive potential impact of AmberSemi’s technologies is a supremely rewarding achievement that underscores the incredible work of our entire team,” said Thar Casey, CEO of Amber Semiconductor. “Our digital control of electricity in silicon chip architecture represents a generational opportunity to upgrade the electrical endpoints in virtually every building in the world, delivering a smarter, safer, and vastly more efficient technological solution to industries that sorely crave innovation. It’s validating to be recognized for these efforts and we’re energized to drive the future of this category forwards.”

Recognition from Fast Company also arrives during a period of strong momentum for AmberSemi, which is currently accelerating its business objectives for 2023 and beyond – including forthcoming partnership engagements and strategic alignments with some of the most significant manufacturers of electrical products and semiconductor components in both the US and European markets. As a fabless semiconductor company, AmberSemi will provide its three core technologies via its own solid-state, silicon chips. With AmberSemi’s technology, electrical products companies can benefit from smaller, safer more reliable electricity architectures that enable a dramatic increase in functionality, while maintaining the same universal form factors prevalent in the market, such as single gang boxes and retrofit circuit breakers. Simultaneously, semiconductor companies benefit from an acceleration of their current business through dynamic power management and sensing.

This year, 83 technologies developed by established companies, startups or research teams are highlighted on Fast Company’s “Next Big Things in Tech” list for their cutting-edge advancements and potential to impact consumers, businesses, and society overall, selected from a pool of more than 1400 submissions. While not all of the technological developments are available in the market yet, each one is reaching key milestones in order to have a proven impact in the next five years. Fast Company also recognized 41 honorable mentions.

“Technology breakthroughs and cutting-edge advancements promise to be the solution to some of the world’s most pressing issues. Fast Company is excited to highlight some of the organizations, of all sizes and industry backgrounds, whose technology advancements today will lead to a better tomorrow,” says Brendan Vaughan, editor-in-chief of Fast Company

In addition to attracting the eye of numerous global electrical products and semiconductor companies, Amber’s technologies have garnered significant investment attention to date through Series A and Series B rounds of financing. The company has secured two significant rounds of Series A and Series B funding, representing widespread interest from the Silicon Valley investment community, and demonstrating a fortified belief in the potential of Amber’s revolutionary technology through its enthusiastic investor base. Mark Grossman, Managing Director Menalto Advisors, recently highlighted Amber Semiconductor’s technologies in a semiconductor industry report, noting that the company’s technology offers “higher reliability, dramatically smaller size, faster switching speeds, greater flexibility, and the ability to incorporate advanced digital control and analytics features and reduce false trips.” 

About Amber Semiconductor, Inc.
Amber Semiconductor, Inc is a leading developer of patented, innovative solid-state technologies for the digital control of electricity. The company’s disruptive breakthroughs change the electrical landscape forever for buildings and appliances worldwide. With 34 patents secured around the company’s core breakthroughs, its technologies upgrade power management from 1950’s era electro-mechanical to safer, more reliable silicon architecture with embedded intelligence. Based in Dublin, California, the company is leveraging the expertise of Silicon Valley professionals to deliver a disruptive enhancement to the value and functionality of the world’s electrical endpoints and infrastructure. For more information visit


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